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INNGESAB established in the Israeli market by Avdor

Showroom Avdor Advantis

It was in 2018 when Yossi Sapir, General Manager of Avdor, discovered GESAB at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) exhibition. At the booth of that year, he was not only able to discover the ergonomic technical furniture but also DeskWall, the dynamic KVM developed by GESAB, which managed to attract his attention to the products and services.

The management capacity, dynamism and efficiency of DeskWall were decisive in Yossi’s interest in establishing a relationship with GESAB for the development of projects for control centers in Israel, his country of origin. Almost four years of partnership have allowed the two complementary companies and leaders in their respective sectors to opt for both large and small projects from various public and private organizations, since they carried out their first project together.

Tero Haahti,Tero Haahti, International Sales Manager of GESAB, emphasizes that “Avdor’s support, knowledge and professionalism have been key elements in making us a place in the Israeli market. We hope that the success achieved in the projects developed in these four years are only the beginning of what is to come.AGESAB and Avdor collaboration




Avdor Group is an essential partner for GESAB as they are a leading provider in the electronics industry and institutional market in the field of Israeli high technology. In addition, they can be proud of having a very good personal relationship with decision makers in the local market in several sectors, something that makes it easier to drive the success of project proposals.

The control center for Ashdod, a city in Israel, was the first project they got together and since then there have been more than 10 projects that have been carried out successfully.

Among these projects is the small control room of the online services company Fiverr. Despite being a small space, the client had very specific and rigorous needs, for example having a customized control console to its corporate image for two operator positions, maintaining an ergonomic design suitable for 24/7 work or implement state-of-the-art applications.

Another interesting project would be the metropolitan movement management center in Gush Dan (Israel) developed with customized Advantis control consoles, a space that will allow public transport to be promoted safely in its metropolitan area; or the meeting rooms implemented at Sigma Merck with high-quality conference room tables.

But the GESAB – Avdor partnership has not only developed work within Israel, but has also crossed its borders, developing a project in Nigeria.

A space in which to display GESAB technology

The technological culture that the Israeli market has, as well as the importance they give to technological advances, has been key to the incursion of GESAB into the country.

Showroom Avdor Advantis

Its local presence through Avdor is essential, so the implementation of a showroom in their offices was a mandatory step to show first-hand to interested customers the solutions for critical environments, the high quality finishes of technical furniture or its ergonomics adapted to 24/7 workstations.

INMeeting table showroom Avdor



Not only control consoles or a meeting table, have been installed, DeskWall is also part of this space destined to a unique customer experience. Avdor’s team has already received the necessary training for the installation, setup and use of the dynamic KVM system, so they already have the ability to show its functionality and its benefits for the most critical work environments. This allows the company to have a 100% operational and functional space with countless added value.

En palIn words of Yossi, “as providers of technological solutions, it has been an incredible opportunity for us to work together with the team of GESAB professionals and the high quality of its technical furniture and solutions such as DeskWall. We know that together we will achieve many more successes.

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